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Welcome to the Langdon Layers Website
Contact details: Alice- 07813564146

We are a family business situated on our family farm in the Woodford Valley 5 miles North of Salisbury, Wiltshire. We provide a 5 star choosing, buying and after care service. You are able to see where the hens live and choose the exact hen you would like to take home. We have many families with children who have specific requirments and these can be met due to the wide selection of hens on offer. Each hen is different and comes with their own personality!

We stock a large variety of hybrid chickens. All our hybrids are vaccinated and are chosen for their hardy nature and excellent egg production. They make excellent chickens for first time chicken keepers and are also great as family pets for children.

All our hens are sold at Point of Lay, which is from 16 weeks. They are all kept in pens with a large area for them to run around in so you can walk in with the hens and choose the exact hens you want.

Our customers come from near and far including Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire. 

We are happy to provide advice for new chicken keepers and what breeds are best to start with or if you have children and you want breeds that your children can help look after. 

After care service is just as important to us as the purchasing of the hen. We are always at the end of the photo to help with any questions or problems you encounter.