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Devon Blue 4
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White Leghorn
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Free Ranging
Rhode Rock
Light Sussex
Bluebell 2
These are your standard brown hen with dashes of white feathers. They are prolific egg layers and lay between 330 eggs per year. They are a docile hybrid and perfect for families or new chicken keepers

Columbian Blacktails- cross between a Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex
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These hens are exceptionally friendly and are very easy to look after. The have black markings on their necks and tails hence their name. They are hardy birds and cope well with being moved to their new homes. They are excellent egg layers and you can expect about 330 eggs per year. 

Rhode Rocks- cross between a Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock
They are beautiful birds and have a lovely greeny/black colour all over with gold and orange markings on their necks and chests. They lay around 330 large brown eggs per year. They are hardy and calm and are ideal hens to add colour to your flock. 

Speckled Rocks
These hybird hens are a close match to the Maran hen but being a hybrid they are excellet egg layers. Their eggs are usually a darker brown and often will have a speckled appearance. On average they lay 300 eggs per year. They are a lovely hen to have around as they have a docile nature and are excellent for children to look after. 

Light Sussex
These hens are a larger hybrid breed. They are white in colour with black around their neck and in their tail feathers. They are a pretty bird and will add lightness to your flock. They lay on average 290 large eggs per year. 

Bluebells-cross between a Rhode Island Red and Maran
Bluebells are a larger hybrid bird and usually have a lovely grey colouring sometimes with black necks and dark legs. They are quiet birds and lay about 300 large brown eggs per year.
White Leghorns 
Leghorn chickens originate from Italy. They are very good egg layers and lay around 300 eggs per year. They lay medium sized white eggs. They are a more flightly bird due to their lighter body weight. They are hardy birds and are not known to go broody. 

Devon Blues
Devon Blue     Dorset Blue
These hens are beautiful and come in many colours, they all have little tufts on their heads. They are a friendly hen and don't need too much space to run around in. They lay a lovely blue coloured egg and lay about 260 eggs per year. 

Devon Bronze
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These hens are the hybrid version of the French Cooper Marans. They are beautiful black hens with a shimmer of green through their feathers. Some of them also have black feathers on their legs. They layer a darker coloured egg and you can expect them to lay about 260 eggs per year.